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Business Exit Planning

What is a Certified Exit Planner (CEPA)?

How do I plan for exiting my business, 5, 10 or 15 years from now? 

How do I maximize the attractiveness and value of my business for when that EXIT DAY comes?

Great questions!

Business Exit Planning considers all the questions involved in exiting a privately owned business and creates an actionable plan to maximize the value of the business for the owner.

Common Answer: I will use my gut feeling and my financial statements to show a potential buyer the value.

Better Answer: I will select a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), who is trained to help me Discover, Prepare and Decide the best way to harvest the wealth of my business and plan for my exit.

Exit Planning is a process and evaluates factors like:

  • Market Growth and Potential
  • Business Attractiveness
  • Intellectual Property
  • Revenue Drivers
  • Expense Management




With a number of other factors to consider, our job is to educate you and help prepare a Readiness Assessment and Prioritized Action Plan that meets your exit planning needs. The Action Plan may influence decisions you make TODAY to become more attractive to future owners.  We follow the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) Value Acceleration Process, so you can be confident that a robust, repeatable process is implemented.



Free Business Exit Planning Ebook

These 14 tips are critical to helping you get started on better understanding your largest asset...your business! These tips are tactical and easy-to-implement, which can help you maximize the attractiveness and value of your business right away!

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