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Financial Planning for Business Owners

We get that business owners are strapped for time - juggling family, your business, personal goals, and a myriad of other activities. As a business owner himself, Rodd understands your that's why he is dedicated to partnering with business owners to help:

  1. Create custom roadmaps that help you streamline business processes'.
  2. Build confidence in your financial plan, so you can rest easy knowing you're on track.
  3. Free up your time, so you can focus on other important tasks, or enjoy life!

Here's Where We Excel

Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans

From startups to established companies, we offer more than an off-the-shelf 401(k) plan to ensure a quality experience.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

We help with corporate cash management and putting the right investments in the right accounts - personal or business.

Employment Incentives

Employment Incentives

We develop retention plans that include packages and performance incentives tailored to retain your top talent.

Business Exit Planning

Business Exit Planning

We craft strategies that seek to safeguard your legacy and financial interests for a sale or transition.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">The Value Acceleration Process

The Value Acceleration Process

A transferable business is important at any stage of a professional career, even if the owner is not actively seeking to exit their business. The Value Acceleration Methodology™ is a strategic framework for planning and executing a business exit.

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What Is My Next Step?

1)  Whether you are ready to meet a financial advisor early in life or a bit later, it is IMPORTANT to:

  • interview 1-3 Certified Financial Planners® who are properly licensed and trained
  • choose a financial expert who understands your unique goals and doesn't use a "cookie-cutter" approach to wealth management
  • find a compatible personality
  • find a professional who is passionate and knowledgeable about finances and investing options
  • consider their fee approach and the value they bring to the table

2)  Schedule a Complimentary Explore and FIT Meeting

It's free!  How can you say "no" to free?  Together, we will explore whether your needs and goals are a fit for the financial services we provide.  We understand:  sometimes it's a match, sometimes it isn't.  Sometimes, you're ready to move quickly.  Other times, you need more time to think.  We are not here to build up our numbers; we are here to build relationships and service your wealth management needs.

It's okay and you should ask.  What are your fees?  It depends, but generally we are compensated from 3 main ones:

  • Flat fee financial planning
  • Investment portfolio fee-based
  • Hourly financial advice

Schedule a free consultation to see how we can put
our strengths to work for YOUR BEST LIFE.

Thank you!