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Getting Your Financial Life in Gear

Whether you are ready to meet a financial advisor early in life or a bit later, it is IMPORTANT to:

  • interview 1-3 Certified Financial Planners® who are properly licensed and trained
  • choose a financial expert who understands your unique goals and doesn't use a "cookie-cutter" approach to investing
  • find a compatible personality
  • find a professional who is passionate and knowledgeable about finances and investing options
  • consider their fee approach and the value they bring to the table

Please call us to take advantage of our complimentary Explore and FIT meeting.  We can talk by telephone or meet in person.

Then we'll move on to our Planning meeting.  A few simple steps will get you on the right road. Visit our New Client Process to see how we get started.

Planning Meeting

  1. Let’s Organize

      Let's collect your financial documents.  Accounts everywhere? Inherited IRAs still stuck with their original broker? Nothing written down?
      Fearful of the market? No estate documents? Life too busy?  Does that sound familiar? Let’s get going, by organizing your finances and simplifying your life.

  2. Let’s Make a Target

      Now that your organized, let’s establish some goals. Let’s talk about family, aging parents, a home, college, loans and the good, the bad and the ugly.
      And don’t forget about the fun!

  3. Let’s Identify Your Options

      You can keep it simple, be more aggressive or any style in between. A financial advisor can develop strategies that are effective in both bull and bear markets.  There are a variety of financial products available from financial advisors.

  4. Let’s Plan

      Time to select the options that are appropriate for you.

Implementation Meeting

  5. Let’s Implement

      Now we take the Plan and create a simple structure that’s easy to follow.

Continual Reviews

  6. Let’s Keep Talking

      We focus on service, each and every day. We will keep talking with you consistently. The financial landscape changes and we partner with our clients for the long haul.

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